Welcome to SAN-KER

Set amid rolling hills and flanked by pine forest, SAN-KER is an institution which provides affordable quality psychiatric care. We provide this care regardless of a person’s personal status. What today is a modern facility with a team of committed professionals began as one man’s concern for the chronically mentally ill in a converted cowshed in 1990.

SAN-KER in Khasi means growth within protection. It is an institution for personal growth within the all-encompassing embrace of God’s love. Our motto is "……by love serve one another" (Galatians 5:13) a quotation from the Bible. We understand that as human beings we are unable to cure disease but can function only as instruments leading our fellow sufferers to the healing powers of God, as we understand Him. This is reflected in our emblem where two hands hold up a person depicted by a head to the healing power above.