Annual Programmes

1991: 2 students sponsored for a Teachers' Training Course in Mental Retardation at the Mon Vikash Kendra, Guwahati.

26.06.1997: Workshop on Problems of Drug Addiction in the Mawlai Assembly Constituency, Shillong

26.06.2000: International Day Against Substance Abuse & Illicit Trafficking 1st State level workshop organised in collaboration with the Synjuk Seng Samla Shnong.

11.11.2000: 2nd Regional Meet of North East Psychiatrists & 12th Biennial Conference, Indian Psychiatric Society, Assam State Branch.

04-08.12. 2000:Training programme for Medical Officers of the North East in collaboration with the AIIMS & Ministry of Health, Govt. of India.

08.11.2003: Continuing Medical Education Programme on Emotional & Behavioural Disorder of Children & Adolescents – Prof. Jacob K. John, HOD, Deptt. Of Psychiatry, CMC, Vellore.

28.03.2004: Sensitisation and Training of General Practitioners on Depression

22 - 23.05.2004: Continuing Medical Education Programme for Post Graduate students of Psychiatry(IPS-Eastern Zone)

05.2005: SAN-KER took part in a 3 day workshop on Domestic Violence organised by North East Network.

3.06.2005: An awareness programme on "Mental health and Mental illness" was held for school children and teachers

5.06.2005: A seminar on "Systematic Meta Analysis and Evidence Based Medicine" was held with Prof. Prathap Tharyan, Head of the Psychiatry Department, CMC Vellore, as the resource person.

9.06.2005: SAN-KER 15th Foundation Day had Archbishop Rev. Dominic Jala as the Chief Guest.

26.06.2005: On the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, a painting competition for in-patients was held on the on the theme "Value yourselves… Make healthy choices". An award for the longest period of sobriety was presented and ended with a musical evening.

10.10.2005: World Mental Health Day - an awareness programme for the media, police officers and other NGOs was held on the theme "Mental and Physical Health Across the Life Span". To mobilise public participation in managing mental health a core group of these participants was formed.

11.2005: Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) Centenary celebrations(North-East chapter)- Drug addiction and Harm Reduction with theme "Sharing the abundance of Life".

5.05.2006: Interactive Session with Practitioners of Alternative Systems of Medicine.

26.05.2006: A workshop on Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for school teachers and skills on classroom management of ADHD discussed.

05.05.2006: Interaction Between Practitioners of Alternative Systems of Treatment With Special Reference to Mental Illness

26.05.2006: Workshop for Teachers: Management of Attention Deficit & Hyperactive Disorder/p>

03.06.2006:CME: Mood Disorders & Schizophrenia

3.06.2006:Continuing Medical Education programme for General Practitioners on Mood Disorders and Schizophrenia.

26.06.2006: International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking

10.10. 2006: World Mental Health Day

26.02.2007: Seminar on Guidance & Counselling in Schools

10.10.2007: World Mental Health Day

13.09.2008 ; 20.10.2008; 22.10.2008 :Popularization Programme of IGNOU Courses

09.06.2009: 19th Foundation Day

26.06.2009: International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking

05.06.2010: Awareness Programme on the Rights of Mentally Ill

07.06.2010: Painting Competition for the Differently Abled

09.06.2010: 20th Foundation Day

26.06.2010: International Day Against Drug Abuse &Illicit Trafficking

09.08.2010: Talk on Suicide: What Can we Do About It?

08.09.2010: Inauguration of Crisis Intervention Centre

10.09.2010: World Suicide Prevention Day: Training Workshop on Suicide Identification & Intervention

09.10.2010: World Mental Health Day: A Walk for Mental Health

03.12.2010: World Disabled Day

11.02.2011: Awareness Programme on Substance Dependence

24.02.2011: Painting Competition for In-Patients

05.03.2011: Awareness Programme for Family Members/Care Givers of Schizophrenic Patients

12.03.2011: Awareness Programme for Family Members/Care Givers of Mood Disorders Patients

19.04.2011: Seminar on Community Mental Health in Meghalaya

09.06.2011: 21st Foundation Day

26.06.2011: International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking: Walk for Health

15.08.2011: Independence Day Celebration: Singing Competition for In-Patients