SAN-KER strives to promote mental health awareness and provide basic mental health care to all sections of the society. To realise this goal, programmes like networking with the public, resource building and facilitating self- help groups have been initiated. Over the years activities that have been taken up are:

  • Promoting awareness about mental health and mental illness to teachers, students, police personnel, social workers, media, practitioners of alternative forms of treatment. These interactions with various groups of society provide insight on the poor attitudes towards mental illness leading to marginalization of the mentally ill. This has strengthened our endeavour to continue with such programmes so as to bring about a better understanding of with consequent improvement of the management of mental illness. In order to coordinate these efforts and to network with NGOs a core group was formed on 10th October, 2005.
  • Continuing medical education programmes on various mental disorders are held for doctors. These create awareness about conditions that are otherwise overlooked in their clinics.
  • SAN-KER offers expertise and guidance to NGOs involved in promoting mental health through health camps and in capacity building of field workers in the state.
  • A support group for substance dependents has been established in Jaiaw, Shillong, and meets every week. They are now being held in the Community Hall at Mission Compound, Shillong.
  • A similar group was started Jowai, about 65 km from Shillong in the Jaintia Hills District, for three years after which an NGO, the Chdooh dei Maia Society was set up to continue the work.