SAN-KER was initially funded by a loan taken from the Meghalaya Industrial Development Corporation. Humanitarian considerations outweighed commercial compulsions and we were able to liquidate the loan of Rs. 18 lakhs only after 17 years.

Patients are charged a nominal fee to help the maintenance and upkeep of the institution. We have had over 6,500 admissions and, in addition to low fees, we have subsidised medi-care worth not less than Rs.5 lakh (about $ 7,692) per year to patients who have not been able to afford even our nominal charges. In addition to this, we have total outstandings of about Rs.45 lakh (about $ 69,230) and the amount of Free Care provided was over Rs.1 crore.

SAN-KER is now a charitable organisation under the SAN-KER Charitable Trust (Reg. No. 956/2007) that has been created and registered specifically for furthering the cause of mental health.

The Chaplaincy Department is partially supported at present by well wishers

Drug companies like Sun Pharma, Intas and Torrent periodicallly support individual patients and activities through their CSR programmes.