SAN-KER as an academic institution is helping enhance human resources in the field of mental health through academic programmes like Post Graduate education for doctors, psychologists, counsellors and rehabilitation workers. The library facilities need to be upgraded so as to function as a resource centre for information on mental health issues for the North East.

There is a need for Halfway Homes and Sheltered Accomodation for patients with substance dependence and chronic psychotic disorders. Since these patients find it difficult to cope with the transition from a treatment centre to society, we need to provide an environment that is protective and nurturing.

Rehabilitation plays an important role in the treatment of patients. The ability for patients to re-establish themselves socially and economically has been the focus of our care. To achieve this SAN-KER will have to upgrade existing rehabilitation facilities, with the necessary infrastructure and human resources.

SAN-KER plans to mobilise resources for areas where psychiatric facilities are inadequate. Training programmes of field workers and forming of self-help groups have been initiated in the different districts of Meghalaya.
Coping skills enhancement programmes are proposed for police personnel, youth and teachers while existing awareness programmes for teachers and NGOs are to continue.

In order to provide facilities needed for the training institute, the in-patient department of SAN-KER is to be upgraded where psychiatric and chemical dependent wings are separate and discrete. In addition, it is imperative to have an independent ward to cater to children and the elderly besides a hospice for terminally ill patients. These will provide continuity of care throughout the lifespan as chemical dependent persons lead a high risk lifestyle and the mentally ill have nowhere to go in their twilight years.