Instructions for Telemedicine Services

Please note that Telemedicine Services are currently offered only to patients previously assessed at SAN-KER.


  1. Email address and mobile phone number
  2. Zoom app for your computer/ smart phone. These can be downloaded from
  3. Google pay app for making payments.

Steps for Registration:

  1. Fill in the form at the Registration page
  2. Complete the payment at the Payment page
  3. Once the form and the payment are verified, we will send you an email with the confirmation and the link for the appointment
  4. Log in to the Zoom app at the time of the appointment for your consultation
  5. After the consultation, the prescription will be provided according to the choice provided

Prescription Options:

After your consultation, your prescription can be fulfilled in the following ways:

  1. An emailed copy of the prescription
  2. Medicines along with the prescription can be collected from the pharmacy at SAN-KER
  3. Medicines along with the prescription can be delivered to patients in Shillong for a fixed fee